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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


As a young girl I loved having tea parties with my bears and other stuffed animals.  Since I am an only child my imagination has always been expansive and vivid.  Growing up in England drinking tea was part of every time of the day.  We woke up - we drank tea. At lunch time we drank tea. In the afternoon we drank tea; and right before bedtime we had tea. 
When I was a child my family was really just my mom and I. My aunt and cousins moved all over the world due to my uncle’s job; so we didn’t see them much. I remember that my mom had a lot of friends who lived close by. While visiting they would sit around the dining room table sipping tea while eating finger sandwiches and biscuits (which is what we called cookies in England).  The ladies would talk for hours, while I drew pictures in my sketch book.  After a while of drawing pages and pages of different things. I would start asking, “Mum what time are we going home?”  Sometimes it was shortly after I had asked her for the fourth time. Other times, when it got too late, we would spend the night.

We moved to the United States when I was eleven. I’m not sure why we stopped drinking as much tea.  It could have been that my mom had to work longer hours or because, when we first arrived, she didn’t know many people to invite to tea time.

Moving forward to my thirties, I tried to make a point of spending more one-on-one time with my Mom.  We started visiting local tea rooms and, as we sipped, all of the memories from my childhood starting coming back.  My birthday is in January; so, when it comes to party themes, my options are limited.  I decided one year to throw a birthday tea party.  I bought my first tea set for 12, rented white chairs and joined two tables together to make a huge square.  After the guests arrived we started to chit chat over tea and sandwiches and ended the night with pink champagne and with chocolate covered strawberries.  It was one of the most memorable birthday events ever and has since become a tradition for me and my friends. 
After hosting the birthday party for some years, I gained the confidence to venture into taking my tea party on the road.  On November 21, 2014, Lady D’s Traveling Tea Party was founded and I began to share my love of tea parties with ladies of all ages. We offer all types of themes and also are able to customize the tea time according to our customer’s request.
Each time I host a tea party I feel great happiness seeing the guests smile as they enjoy tea and one another. It closes the circle of warmth that I remember so well from my childhood.
Everything is better with tea!


       D. Blooming



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